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Accoya Cladding

Clean cladding, luminous colour

The Challenge

A builder firm we have worked with on a number of occasions asked if we could supply and install some cladding on a house. The customer was having aluminium windows installed and they wanted the existing timber cladding removing and replacing with something a little more specialist. The timescale to be able to measure and install was a tight turn around as the window would be installed, we would then carry out the survey, manufacture, finish and install the cladding within a week. 


The customer supplied a sample of Shou-Sugi-Ban® cladding which was describe as Anthracite and was a blue-grey colouring with lifted grain. We spent time going through options. The cladding was manufactured in Accoya® and coated in Teknos translucent exterior coating T8039. The window went in on a Wednesday, we carried out the survey on the Thursday, the cladding boards and fascia pieces were manufactured and spray finished by Tuesday and the cladding was installed in full sunshine on the following Wednesday. 


Customer Comments

Well Vicki! When I saw the `Sea Green`  Accoya boards being unloaded I thought Ooops I`ve dropped one here and my second thought was to “Ring Vicki to see if the next time I paint these boards can I use a different colour”?


Now seeing the finished job we absolutely love the two tone, iridescent look. We are completely over the moon, it looks absolutely brilliant and so contemporary.


Check out the iridescence on photos bay8 & 9, which were taken within seconds of each other.

Also check out the predominant graining on photos bay 1,2 & 4. So Vicki, can you do a quick e-mail to Shou- Sugi-Ban and tell them to 

`stick theirs where the sun doesn’t shine`.


A massive thanks to you Vicki and Nat and all the team for a professional and perfect job.

Side note from Vicki: This has been one of my favourite projects to be involved with and it has to be said, one of the most amazing customers I have had the pleasure of working with. 

Contact us to arrange a survey or quotation.

Tel: 01423 868870


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