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Moulded architrave

Sympathetically restoring a property

The Challenge

Joe is sympathetically restoring a Victorian property in Harrogate. He initially approached us for a gate and we have worked on a number of subsequent items for the house. The latest of which was to produce some moulding to replace a section which had broken away through rot.  


The Solution

We had a sample section of the moulding to work from. Using the cutters we had available we were able to copy the style and run a length through, on a quick turn around,  so as not to hold up the project.


We become invested in customers projects. We can work on a step by step basis, like we have with Joe and a number of other customers. Moving around the property completing one element at a time. 



Customer Comments

"The guys from Powell Joinery installed a full door-sized gate within my garden wall.  The gate came pre-painted and after several years is still flawless.  I've had them back recenlty to make and install a pre-painted sash window.  This is the second local firm I've used for replacements windows and will not be returning the first.  Nice people.   BTW: the paint is sprayed, which gives a great finish."

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