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Environmental Policy

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

We take our responsibilities to protect the environment seriously and have conscientious procedures in place to minimise any potentially harmful effects of our activities on the local environment. 


Raw Materials -  We source our materials from FSC & PEFC registered suppliers wherever possible. We use Accoya in our high-performance products, which is an ethically sourced modified timber, offering longer lasting performance without the need for harmful chemical treatments. 


Power – Our production sites use electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels. We operate a ‘turn off’ procedure through-out our whole site, this includes lights, machinery and office equipment. Our heating is generated by the wood waste and sawdust collected throughout the production process. 


Products - We use the latest in waterborne paint systems and are partnered with a number of like-minded environmentally aware suppliers. We re-purpose containers and by-products of our activities wherever possible. 


Pollution – The limited chemical substances we use are disposed of in a controlled manner. 


We have extraction systems in all of our buildings and air filtration units to reduce air pollution in the workshop. 


As a company we are proud of how little waste we actually generate, this is something we monitor regularly and look at how we can continue to improve. 


Organic materials are at the core of what we do and we as a team have a respect for the timber we use in our production which is why we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, not only for the local environment but for future generations. 

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Why choose timber?

Aesthetically pleasing: Traditional and charming or modern and sleek, timber lends itself to any style, shape and colour.

Insulation: Timber is a natural insulator retaining heat. Wood windows & doors will significantly reduce your energy costs. You will also see a dramatic reduction in external noise pollution.

Maintenance Costs: Thanks to the advances in paint systems, Teknos paint is guaranteed up to 12 years when applied on Accoya, vastly reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Security: With modern locking systems and toughened double glazed units your home will literally be ‘safe as houses’.

Environment: Timber windows and doors have significantly lower global warming impact. They cause less CO2 emissions to create, last longer than uPVC windows and on the whole are fully recyclable.

Why choose
Powell Joinery?

Aesthetically pleasing: Well not quite but we do know what we are doing! Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers feel about working with us. We have an impressive number of Google Reviews, testimonials and recommendations.

Environment: Our workshops are powered by wind turbines & solar panels. We heat the workshops with wood waste.

Even the jar your touch up paint is supplied in will once have held jam or something similar, our policy is to reuse and recycle as much as we can.

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