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Carpentry Work using a belt sander

Meet the Team

The people behind your products

As a family run business we have a personal approach to every customer we speak with and every item we manufacture. We believe customer service and satisfaction is key. 

These are the people behind the products. From initial phone call to delivery or install, our team are the heart of Powell Joinery. 

Nathaniel Powell team member

Nathaniel Powell

A bit about me:
At the age of 16 my dad told me “get a trade son” which led me into the world of joinery. I qualified as a cabinetmaker, which is where I learnt precision and quality. From then I trained as a bench joiner also learning skills in workshop management.


Being a perfectionist I'm in control of the quality and products leaving the workshop. It's worth the hard work to hear great feedback from happy customers. I’m proud of what we produce. 

Likes:  Spending time with my family. Receiving feedback from customers.

Dislikes:  Snow, ice and breaking bones (I’ve broken a few over the years).

Hobbies: Learning new skills, personal development.

Can’t live without: My family and the great team around me.

Best known in the team for: Can talk the hind legs off a donkey.


Contact Nathaniel here

Vicki Clark Graham team member

Vicki Graham 

A bit about me:

My back-ground in customer service, business development and marketing support gives me a broad range of skills and knowledge to support Nat in the growth of the business.


Helping with internal systems and external communication I enjoy working as part of the Powell Joinery team. Nat and I have known each other for over 20 years when we both worked together in a separate joinery company, we were both fresh faced and ambitious back then, still ambitious just less fresh faced these days. 

Likes:  Organisation and plain speaking. 

Dislikes:  Mess and moaners

Hobbies: Camping in my VW Campervan and growing veg in my allotment.

Can’t live without: Oxygen and honesty.

Best known in the team for: Cleaning and nagging…not always in that order.


Contact Vicki  here

Ethan Milner team member

Ethan Milner

A bit about me:

From school I went into an apprenticeship in joinery. Working for a couple of local firms in both sash windows and staircases I've joined Powell's looking to expand my skills and work on bespoke items. 

I enjoy the variety of projects and working in a close team.

Likes:  When things go to plan.

Dislikes:  Cold weather.

Hobbies: Extreme sports and travelling.

Can’t live without: My family, including my dog and friends.

Best known in the team for: Spontaneous singing and being accident prone.

Sam Pollard team member

Sam Pollard 

A bit about me:  

I've rejoined the team at Powell after a couple of years site experience. It's good to be back and I'm looking forward to taking ownership of the sprayshop and finishing. 

I like things to be organised and tidy so the spray shop is the perfect environment for me. 

After leaving the armed forces I enjoy the comradery of the team. Everyone rolls up their sleeves and mucks in.

Likes: Perfection and no stress.

Dislikes:  Moaning and rude people.

Hobbies: Red wine and going to the gym.

Can’t live without:  My dog.

Best known in the team for: Smiling and his love of animals.

Jay Powell Joinery dog

Jay - General Dogs Body

A bit about me: 

I'm a rescue dog who adopted Vicki to be my family. Having lived in several homes and spent a large amount of my life in kennels, I've now found a place with the team at Powell Joinery. 

Likes:  Treats and butty mornings, snoozing in the office.

Dislikes:  Being left out of anything.

Hobbies: Chewing bones and long walks.

Can’t live without:  My Kong. 

Best known in the team for: Making terrible smells and walking away! 

Emma Powell team member

Emma Powell

A bit about me:

I’ve a degree in Textiles and surface design, I have an eye for detail and a creative passion. I’m a full-time mum to 2 beautiful girls and take care of the administration within the family business, which means I am capable of multi-tasking with the best of them.  

Powell Joinery is very much a family run business. I look after the accounts, payroll and general administration. 

Likes:  Spending time with my family. Holidays in the sun shine.

Dislikes:  Cold weather.

Hobbies: Crocheting.

Can’t live without: Prosecco.

Best known in the team for: Saying it as it is…honest and up front.


Contact Emma her

Tom Castle team member

Tom Castle

A bit about me:

I moved to beautiful Yorkshire over 14  years ago, although I'm still regarded as a Southerner!


I trained as a cabinet maker and then moved into architectural joinery a cupola of years later. I particularly enjoy the work we undertake for period properties and have a huge sense of pride in the bespoke items we produce.


Most joinery companies you only work on one element of production or finishing, which means you are never get to see a whole project through. At Powell Joinery we each take ownership from start to finish which is fulfilling.

Likes:  Things to be clean and tidy.

Dislikes:  Dishonesty.

Hobbies: Motorbikes and fitness.

Can’t live without: My wife and my dog.

Best known in the team for: Mr fix it with a dry sense of humour.

Chris Win team member

Chris Win

A bit about me:

I enjoyed design at school so I went straight into a traditional two year apprenticeship in joinery. Having served my time and completing my apprenticeship with a distinction, I am now looking to expand my skillset.


Powell's is the perfect place to broaden my knowledge and gain new experience. No two projects are the same and I'm looking forward to working on all aspects from concept to completion. 

Likes:  To be kept busy. 

Dislikes:  Entitled people.

Hobbies: Boxing and fitness.

Can’t live without: Money.

Best known in the team for: Being the new young un! 

Dylan Hudspeth team member

Dylan Hudspeth

A bit about me: A strong work ethic was driven into me by my parents. I have been labouring in factory production and on sites but I want to learn more. I  joined Powell Joinery and am now undertaking my apprenticeship in Architectural Joinery. 

I've already learnt so much and everyday there is more to learn.

It's a good team so I can ask advice and feel like there is always someone who can support me. 

Likes:  Learning new skills.

Dislikes:  People without a sense of humour.

Hobbies: Rugby and gym.

Can’t live without:  Laughter.

Best known in the team for: Always happy and has no filter. 

This could be you

This could be you!

We are always interest to speak with enthusiastic individuals who think they would be an asset to our team.


Take a look at current vacancies here or email enclosing an up-to-date CV. 

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